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It would be an understatement to call Britain's Alexander Coe a DJ pioneer. As Sasha, he had led dance music since the late '80s and has built a legacy that few, if any, DJs will ever match.

You could say that the world first noticed Sasha when Mixmag made him their cover star in 1991. It was the first time a DJ had ever been featured on a magazine cover. In a lead article titled Sasha Mania: The First DJ Pin-up?, a journalist wrote, "Whereas there have been plenty of star DJs before, Sasha is the first to be so successful precisely because of his DJing."

Two decades on that statement still rings true. For all that Sasha has achieved - the seminal mix albums, the rock star tours, the enduring club anthems - it is his groundbreaking DJ moments that truly built his career. And there have been so many of them.



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